Originally published on the Kent State, College of Public Health website

Kent State University has partnered with greater Akron community organizations to conduct the first comprehensive and specific LGBTQ+ Community Needs Assessment (CNA). Efforts of this assessment will focus on producing a better-informed public health system and improving the health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community.

This assessment will engage the entire Akron community to equitably participate in the needs assessment process to determine what the local LGBTQ+ community identifies as important. To do so, the assessment will take a holistic view of the health and wellness in Akron’s LGBTQ+ community by looking at seven key health domains: health and wellness; religion and spirituality; education and literacy; housing, food and nutrition; business and commerce; safety and law enforcement; and recreation and leisure.

The concept for this effort was the brainchild of Andrew Snyder, MPH, BSN, research program coordinator for Kent State's College of Public Health. Heading up this effort, Snyder says this CNA is generating tremendous excitement throughout the Akron community.

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